Doctor reveals how anyone observing vaccine damage to kidneys is immediately branded an “anti-vaxxer” by the brainwashed medical establishment

It’s been nearly two weeks since renowned vaccine truth advocate Dr. Suzanne Humphries received a gruesome death threat via email, the author of which has yet to be identified. But this hasn’t stopped her from carrying on with her mission, which she explained more about during a recent interview with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

Dr. Humphries, a twice board-certified physician and nephrologist, has spent many years researching vaccine safety. She’s no schlock when it comes to understanding what types of ingredients are used in vaccines and how they affect the body – mostly in a negative way. And one of the things she brought up during the interview is the fact that doctors and medical experts who merely make observations about patient health in conjunction with vaccination are often automatically labeled as “anti-vaxxers.”

One such observation is vaccine-associated damage to the kidneys – which just so happens to be Dr. Humphries’s specialty. In the area where she practiced in Northern Maine, Dr. Humphries worked at a tertiary care institution that covered most of the upper portion of the state’s kidney patients. While working there in 2009, Dr. Humphries noticed something concerning with regards to the H1N1 influenza vaccine that was given that year alongside the normal flu shot.

“I started to notice more than what I would have otherwise noticed in terms of kidney damage after vaccination,” says Dr. Humphries, noting that she’s signed off on thousands of vaccine orders over the years, and was never what one would regard as an anti-vaxxer. “I would say it was a small epidemic within my own group of patients … and I was met with a lot of resistance amongst my colleagues, and within the administration for suggesting that a vaccine could [be responsible].”

Dr. Humphries: Within 24 hours of influenza vaccination, kidney function decline was observed

What Dr. Humphries was met with in terms of being unfairly judged and ridiculed for what she observed in her patients following the flu shot is similar to what the famous Dr. Andrew Wakefield faced for observing similar damage in conjunction with the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella. As we widely reported, Dr. Wakefield’s widely-known study wasn’t “anti-vax” in any sense of the word, but rather documented his observations of what appeared to be vaccine damage in young children.

For the simple act of reporting on these observations, Dr. Wakefield was blacklisted by many, and his reputation was trashed by the mainstream media. To this very day, his study is still completely misunderstood by many, as is the true nature of his work – and unfortunately for Dr. Humphries, she is now facing similar persecution merely for telling the truth about what she observed during her practice.

Dr. Humphries even admits that not every patient who received the flu shots developed kidney disease – maybe only one out of every 1,000 patients, she says. Still, it was a noticeable uptick in kidney patients who had to be placed on dialysis following vaccination for H1N1, and she refused to remain silent about it. This is what ultimately led her on a journey of discovery about the nature of vaccines in general, many of which provoke similar adverse reactions.

“Vaccines cause inflammation; that’s how they work,” explains Dr. Humphries, noting that, in her view, there’s no single ingredient (such as mercury) that’s causing harm to people, but rather the entire vaccine “cocktail” that’s inherently damaging.

“Kidneys don’t like inflammation; they’re very sensitive to it. And I believe that if there’s any kind of a baseline, underlying potential problem … it’s the inflammation,” she adds.

Be sure to watch Dr. Humphries’s full interview with the Health Ranger at this link.

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